Friday, January 22, 2010

Broadacres Swapmeet - I love it

Here is a peek into the goodness that is Broadacres swapmeet in North Las Vegas on Pecos. It cost $1 to get in and most kids are free. I cant elaborate on how admission works more than that. You can find most anything you could ever want and a ton of crap that you dont want. "Booty" mannequins are everywhere...

I love the Mexican treat that is a jellied Lime skin with coconut stuffed inside; Those are .50 cents of pure endorphins. Also in the morning you must get the breakfast sandwhich with scrambled eggs, frijoles, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and cheese - from the vendor in the red bldg, diagonally from the hooley hooley chicken vendor.
Although I have seen some messed up stuff here in Vegas, like the portapotty that had a feces mountain that stood taller than the toilet seat. To this day I must wonder about the person or persons who "topped off" and created the peak of Softturd Mountain while it was above the toilet seat? Honestly, who does that?
Also a close second is the gentleman who remarked how " If messikins aint gonna talk the language right then theys aint not oughta be here." Truly original commentary, and incoherent swap meet vendor talk is around most everycorner.
Finally the uniform vendor with LITERALLY 2 teeth remaining in his mouth, who is also calling my Dad fat and just busting his balls. Surprisingly Dad is not a fan of that guy. However for $4 you too can own a rubber backed shop rug that will fit under your car!
Nonsense aside, Las Vegas is my second home and if you are visiting Las Vegas, you should make a point to go to Broadacres and I would make sure to bring a cart.

You will need it.


tiny01 said...

Well, this is better than free porn, hell its a better tip than free GAY porn! Boadacres in Las Vegas is great when on vacation....even if its a vacation booked through traveloctiy, or expedia. Visiting in Las Vegas is like a relaxing erotic massage, and going to broadacres is a happy ending, or full service erotic massage.

Small City Cycles said...

Is this were you stopped on that gay cruise you took? the one that constantly showed free gay porn movies, but you got mad because it showed no man love, just lesbians with big tits.