Friday, January 22, 2010

I checked the news...

I noticed this week that besides Haiti and the earthquake, The Australian open, the anniversary of Roe V. Wade and the Conan O' Brien debacle, Famous people took it on the chin such as; Prince, Betty White, Keri Russell, and Allen Iverson.
First, Haiti is a horrible place to begin with. Necklacing, where they set fire to a gasoline soaked tire around your head, is standard practice in Haiti. In Haiti, it is also common practice to use machetes to solve disputes. Most of the population in Haiti has AIDS, and now Haiti has its "so-called" infrastructure destroyed. Its almost a situation where Haiti should just start over.

Even with all the bad news in Haiti, the Australian Open went on in full force. Haiti news, or golf; what a choice for news. Although Australia is an amazing country, they removed their right to own firearms, so I am not sure what the golf says about Australia and its priorities, given they don't trust their citizens. The United States overall has open gun laws and our crime is not increasing at the same rate as draconian gun legislation countries or cities.

Speaking of choices and judgement calls is "The Rock" in "Tooth Fairy Movie". I don't know what to make of that. I liked the remake of Walking Tall, but then again I liked the original. I am not sure what I can say about Tooth Fairy movie.

Perhaps they should get Betty White or Prince involved. Prince seems like a good choice for the Tooth Fairy movie. I always liked Prince in the 80's and he managed to keep the gay / not gay thing going longer than Bowie or Jagger.
I don't know what to say about Keri Russell, or Allen Iverson.

I hope this sums up my views on the news this week.

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