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Conference calls suck.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1 discovery... that seems to imply that 2 or more discoveries exist, but this one was the magic bullet it seems. You not only lose weight but apparently you receive plastic surgery. Maybe thats the 1 discovery...

3 week. I don't know what the averesion to plurality and attraction to number replacement is, but "Three Weeks" would seem more appropriate here.


Well at least if it's not really an "Ancient" discovery then, legally they are in the clear. I don't know what the hell an "Anicent" is and I think I might be in the majority.

Spell checker...included FREE with most software you can compose with.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Accidental internet finds

I know that most people don't believe that revisionist history is real but...

NAZI F-ING PIRATES? REALLY? Probably only preyed on ships from Israel,and the whole ship was neat as a pin, discipline ruled, the whole vessel had tolerances that are impossible to duplicate with modern tools, the cannons are so overly engineered that they are full auto and the engine is diesel.

Not to mention the pirates would be self loathing artists...

Poor Kevin- I'm glad that silent Bob.... wasn't

Honestly - we get the joke Kevin is fat, but for crying out loud do you have to keep making fun of the dude?

"Enlarge" as in "If he eats that Big Mac, he will ENLARGE to the point he can't get on a shitty airline."

~Grow up news wire.... damn...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Debt is not just numbers on a piece of paper

Debt is more like a bunch of numbers on a bunch of pieces of paper.

We know this $100 bill sometimes and sometimes even that is asking a lot.

We rarely if ever see this one, and usually we see it for minutes only while the lender hands it to the seller for whatever you needed a loan for. Sadly this is only a $10k stack as well; easy to carry, years to pay off.

This tiny, tiny stack is what ONE MILLION DOLLARS looks like in those $10k stacks shown above. You probably will not see that in your lifetime, unless you never spend any money on even basic survival.

This is $100 Million and it looks like it. This would easily fit into your garage and keep you able to stay home, eat cheetos, watch pornos, and buy pretty much anything you would ever like. Doubtful you will ever see this in your lifetime or two lifetimes.

Here is one billion dollars and to the Federal Government, that is not a lot of money if you go only by the way the way they spend it. Sadly, part of it is, or was, yours and they gave trucks full of these to the banks that continue to deny you loans, charge fees for PAYING THEM BACK, and collect interest on the whole process. This money was supposed to help us as Amercians. I don't feel helped, do you?

This is the ONE TRILLION quantity. It takes double stacked pallets to accomplish this representation. The standard size for a pallet is 48x45. In a 53 foot truck you can fit 26 pallets in total, 13 on each side. double stacked that's 52 per truck; Imagine physically moving that cash.

Let that sink in, in the wake of this Jan 30th 2010 news:

A quarterly report to Congress on the $700 BILLION Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, made available in draft form late on Saturday, said financial firms seen as too big to fail before 2008 have only grown larger as they feasted on subsidies from the bailout program. TARP was supposed to encourage banks to increase financing for U.S. businesses and consumers, lending is actually decreasing on a month-by-month basis.

•The Federal Reserve has committed $5.5 trillion and spent $2.1 trillion. These amounts relate to various initiatives aimed at the mortgage crisis and credit freeze, including the Citigroup bailout and the shotgun marriage of JPMorgan and Bear Stearns.

•The FDIC has committed $1.5 trillion and spent $149 billion to guarantee Citigroup assets, interbank loans, and prop up GE Capital.

•The Treasury has committed $1.1 trillion and spent $597 billion, not including the automaker bailout that will get tapped by GM before year-end. The Treasury's programs include the Troubled Asset Relief Program, tax rebate checks of 2008, tax breaks for banks, and a program to stabilize foreign currency exchange rates.

•The FHA has committed and tapped $300 billion to ramp up the Hope for Homeowners program. Hope for Homeowners. The $300 billion initiative is expected to avert fewer than 14,000 foreclosures in its first year. At that rate, it seems doubtful that the resulting equity share arrangements could cumulatively cover the cost of the program-let alone heal the mortgage crisis.

Assuming an estimated U.S population of 305 million, you can measure your share by the committed and spent amounts to date. Your share of each is $28,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Considering how thoughful the banks have been to you and the BONUSES the execs have got, you should work harder to pay YOUR SHARE of that $28k...don't you think?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ebay feedback found

Ah, the fun of leaving EBAY feedback.

Feedback is like a box of chocolates; when the product is cheap, most of it sucks, even though it looks sweet.

However, I noticed this tidbit while shopping for something. It is neutral feedback, written somewhat ignorantly, and upon closer inspection it appears to be for a "Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Breathalyzer".

Then when reading a little further you see that in true stereotypical fashion, an IRISHMAN bought the Breathalyzer and bitched about his ONE PENNY purchase that probably didn't prevent him from getting a DUI after 2 cases of beer.

What a shock.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When the bloodlust fades.

There was a time when if it moved, I shot it. I liked hunting and I still support hunting and the right to do so; I just don't hunt anymore.
I lost my blood lust.
Coincidentally this was about the time I really started trying to fix my own cars and computer problems.
When you look at how a car or computer goes together, you see the engineering and the inter working of systems. You see the hardware, the measurements, the tolerances, the redundant and the unique systems. You begin to understand the way to fix things that go wrong.
I think I started to realize that when I shot things that are alive, I could not put it back together if I changed my mind.
Basically when you start to think about how blood works and the organs and the processes that go into it, and I think just out of being purely overwhelmed by the engineering of it all, I lost my taste for "breaking" shit.
I don't want to be a medic, I don't want to learn medicine and I am not a fan of PETA. I just don't get off on taking things apart as much as I do building and creating cool shit.
In addition, I have seen how people repair shit when they don't know what they are doing and that has made inventions such as duct tape, irreplaceable. When you look at scene from Africa and they are shooting cobbled together, now smooth bore, 1928 Thompsons; you get an appreciation for quality in workmanship.
Making something that no one has ever seen, but they are fascinated by, is so much cooler than the best hunting I ever had.
Having said all of that, I could generate a list of people to shoot if the apocalypse happened tomorrow.
I wouldn't worry about putting them back together either.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Paranoid is what people who are trying to take advantage call you, in order to get you to drop your guard.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Someone made "Change" and without Obama.

So before I begin, I know this is a chain that many people despise, and mostly by my friends.

Having made that clear:

There is a Skippers chain that went under in this area and when it went down it was a bit tragic.

My family used to frequent this establishment once a month or so since I was in kindergarten or first grade.

I used to like to read the BS seafaring town "newsprint" on the tables and in your baskets.

In the 70's you could get a GIANT crock of Clam Chowder and smaller bowls with handles on them if you ordered a family size portion. To this day I found a set of those at an estate sale. They never get used but it is funny to think how things have changed.

I even saw the OJ "chase" go down on TV at the Skippers in question.

I realized that it was depressing to see that the franchise went down if not just for simple nostalgia, but it was also a sign that this economy was going south, and things would not get better for a while.

You could see over the course of the last year that this Skippers was open, the landscape had stopped being maintained, the hours of operation were reduced, the outside was collecting dirt on the walls and leaves were staying in parking places that simply were not being filled with cars anymore.

The signs were everywhere; this business was not long for this world.

Driving by the old Skippers was a bit sad, even as my friends were going "GOOD RIDDANCE". I still felt that it reflected that there was a handful of people who now are no longer even "getting by" and yet another sign that things to come were not so rosy.

This is the kind of stuff that really kills me because, counter to what I portray, I am an optimist deep down. I think that you never know what tomorrow brings and just when things seem the shittiest there is something, however small, that will give a bit and it makes the giant hill, at least long term, scalable.

Well as I was returning from my favorite car wash, I noticed something.... the sad Skippers had an open sign in the window and it was LIT! The reader boards read "now open" and the place looked livable. Nothing crazy like fresh paint, but the collected dust had been removed, and the windows washed, and the landscape was clean.

I decided to check it out and sure enough it was open. There was a skeleton crew and the tills were not working properly and the deliveries were short and the staff was new, but holy shit, about a dozen people are working again and they had given this old franchise CPR and were trying HARD and really working it.

It reminded me of the 54 Chevy I once owned because the interior, while clean, is still in the old style and just where it was left when it closed up; They were getting a relic running and while it was sputtering a bit, it was going down the road, and as ANY REAL car guy will tell you; the maiden voyage of a formerly dead car which is now running, is always going to be in the top 3 trips you ever take in that godforsaken vehicle.

These guys were trying so hard to make a go of this place, and while we were there- it actually got PACKED! Everyone who came in was a drive by customer and told the people up front how nice it was to see this place back up and running. Every customer was honestly patient and was just happy that someone did a cool thing in this devastating economy.

This was a good sign that despite the Government, people hold all the cards to fixing whats wrong.

This one stupid business energized 100's of people this evening and put some jobs back in the mix.

Whichever supplier this Skipper uses, just got more orders so they may need another selector person at the warehouse? Maybe another route driver too?

Then that new guy is able to pay his bills now and maybe he can afford to buy more groceries and fix his house or car which gives the guy who does repairs one more gig to keep his own lights on, and the grocery store may see the need for another truck, etc, and etc...


Yeah, we are changing the local landscape through taking risks and frequenting our local businesses and all without any help from the Fed.

Anyway, I am just glad to see the old Skippers back- it makes me think we can turn it around and we are going to have a great summer.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craigslist Thinktank collective

Well lets try to get through this installment of the wisdom imparted upon us by the "intellectuals"...

custom bulit moped - $250 (sw boise)

i can build you a moped starting at 250 depending on what you want to have

AH! "Bulit" - I love the chase scene! Especially the part where the custom built moped didn't make it past the cutting room floor!

Nice FATSO cook stove - $350 (Nampa)

This stove is in excelent condition take $ 350.00 O.B.O
Call Chuck

Fatso? Fuck you Chuck. Way to ass out the very customer base you need to buy this piece of shit. Hey Chuck what if I offered you a "Chuck is a cock" check? Hope you are a bean pole, you insensitive name calling motherfucker...

Boost mobile phone i465 - $60 - $60 (boise/meridian)

i got a used boost mobile i465 for sale it has the normal wear and tear if u are interested please call me or text me at anytime

Are "U" gonna peep dat text on dis "wear and tear" phone? So "U" got it used, does that mean that I get it on its last leg? Boost mobile huh? Where's the deal at, dawg?


I am selling my honeywell Home safe. Its a safe that locks or has number pad. I have two keys for it. It runs about 100.00 New.
It still has its sticker on it. I have had it for about 9 months. So still pretty much new! Asking 60.00 CASH OBO

Call Ask for Jeff. Or i can email or text a picture of it. i tried to put a picture of it on here but it wont load so..

thanks! :)

Hi Ask? So nine months and the safe still has a sticker on it, and according to you it "runs" for about $100 new?

Tell you what; give me $100 and I will run too....AWAY from your "9 month can't remove a sticker, can't post a picture lazy ass", Jeff...or is it "Ask"

No sale Nigerian safe scamming identity crisis bastard.

Its late- and I quit.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest show on Friction in the Static

Really enthusiastic about the newest Friction in the Static podcast.

I thought it went really well and once its tech scrubbed- its OUT!

Get ready to download the shit out of it.....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

While looking for a lost contact, I stumbled upon a High School page for Homedale high school. Apparently "Dane Cook" went there in the 80's - yes, I know there could be more than one. But take a CLOSE look at the highlighted name.

Can there be more than one? Definitely. Is there really a REAL one? Proof is in the f-ing pudding....

Craigslist Mensas. A blast from the past

For those unfamiliar with my "other" unnamed blog, the "Craigslist Mensas" is a recurring feature where I showcase the wisdom, knowledge and compelling writing of certain Craigslist authors who compose a noteworthy entry, usually in my area, usually displayed in green italics. The criteria used to earn a spot on this legendary list, is creative use of spelling, language, logic, common sense, an IQ score that perhaps is sub-par and any other entry that could be misconstrued as "drug-induced" during composition. In lieu of more description, I will simply get on with it:

Dell Insperon Laptop (Middleton)

This is an older laptop.

800 Mhz
512 Ram
20GB hard drive


An "Insperon"? - Truly enspyering...

Moving on..

Weather goat - $25 (Bosie)

Hello I have 1 yr. old weather goat I can no longer have. He's an alpine la mancha cross. not mean just scared thanks

Well thank god for small favors! I though this might be a mean as piss, ass-whupping goat. I guess this "Bosie" based "Man of La Mancha-goat" won't be arbitrarily kicking my ass anytime soon, because he is just "scared". This obviously begs the question, "Why is he scared"? Being that he is a Goat of the "Weather" it sounds as though he could summon lightning from his goat ass. But perhaps someone envisioned some goat-love and Mancha was not having it. I just may try to kick this satan-eyed beast's goat ass...just to prove a point, I don't care "weather" or not I win either.
Spell checker is free, intelligence costs significantly more.



What the hell is this? I know that Layne Staley died but fuck me, is that criteria enough to remove the plural? Who now is the god damn "chain"? Moreover, who the fuck is the "Alice"? If those questions aren't puzzling enough, why is the CAPS LOCK FUCKING STUCK? Are you just CRAZY PISSED over the whole 3 spare ticket deal? Perhaps so tooth spitting pissed off that you are misspelling shit? What is a RECIPT? Is that like a receipt, only one letter more ignorant? Here's an idea... How about give me the receipt and an hour before the show I'll give you the $50.
I'll pay you next "FEBUARY" too.


Cute and comfy winter coat size L with removable fur hood

Well that's a play that takes some cajones in this political climate. What if a black chick wanted the coat? Would you burn a cross in her yard? I wouldn't probably be too fucking choosy over $15 in a down economy. Let the lesser races stay warm too, ok? Their money spends too; keep that in mind, Forrest.

Pritty Necklace (garrity exit)

Great condition, has nice cuts and has a nice setting. Not sure if it's gold or not but the stone is cubic zerconia.
Trade for??
Email me and will reply within 30mins.

I don't mean to be shitty, but you misspelled pretty, fake gold, fake stone, fake trade, fake titties?

I have no more time to rhyme, its turning into a crime and blah blah shut the hell up.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Broadacres Swapmeet - I love it

Here is a peek into the goodness that is Broadacres swapmeet in North Las Vegas on Pecos. It cost $1 to get in and most kids are free. I cant elaborate on how admission works more than that. You can find most anything you could ever want and a ton of crap that you dont want. "Booty" mannequins are everywhere...

I love the Mexican treat that is a jellied Lime skin with coconut stuffed inside; Those are .50 cents of pure endorphins. Also in the morning you must get the breakfast sandwhich with scrambled eggs, frijoles, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and cheese - from the vendor in the red bldg, diagonally from the hooley hooley chicken vendor.
Although I have seen some messed up stuff here in Vegas, like the portapotty that had a feces mountain that stood taller than the toilet seat. To this day I must wonder about the person or persons who "topped off" and created the peak of Softturd Mountain while it was above the toilet seat? Honestly, who does that?
Also a close second is the gentleman who remarked how " If messikins aint gonna talk the language right then theys aint not oughta be here." Truly original commentary, and incoherent swap meet vendor talk is around most everycorner.
Finally the uniform vendor with LITERALLY 2 teeth remaining in his mouth, who is also calling my Dad fat and just busting his balls. Surprisingly Dad is not a fan of that guy. However for $4 you too can own a rubber backed shop rug that will fit under your car!
Nonsense aside, Las Vegas is my second home and if you are visiting Las Vegas, you should make a point to go to Broadacres and I would make sure to bring a cart.

You will need it.

Not to be outdone, it appears....

So the two bastardos from Tinys chop and kustom and Small city cycles decided to go to Portland and I stayed home as usual these days....If I have said it once.......
Being responsible sucks.

I checked the news...

I noticed this week that besides Haiti and the earthquake, The Australian open, the anniversary of Roe V. Wade and the Conan O' Brien debacle, Famous people took it on the chin such as; Prince, Betty White, Keri Russell, and Allen Iverson.
First, Haiti is a horrible place to begin with. Necklacing, where they set fire to a gasoline soaked tire around your head, is standard practice in Haiti. In Haiti, it is also common practice to use machetes to solve disputes. Most of the population in Haiti has AIDS, and now Haiti has its "so-called" infrastructure destroyed. Its almost a situation where Haiti should just start over.

Even with all the bad news in Haiti, the Australian Open went on in full force. Haiti news, or golf; what a choice for news. Although Australia is an amazing country, they removed their right to own firearms, so I am not sure what the golf says about Australia and its priorities, given they don't trust their citizens. The United States overall has open gun laws and our crime is not increasing at the same rate as draconian gun legislation countries or cities.

Speaking of choices and judgement calls is "The Rock" in "Tooth Fairy Movie". I don't know what to make of that. I liked the remake of Walking Tall, but then again I liked the original. I am not sure what I can say about Tooth Fairy movie.

Perhaps they should get Betty White or Prince involved. Prince seems like a good choice for the Tooth Fairy movie. I always liked Prince in the 80's and he managed to keep the gay / not gay thing going longer than Bowie or Jagger.
I don't know what to say about Keri Russell, or Allen Iverson.

I hope this sums up my views on the news this week.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its all about how it sits

I love this pic

German chick tuning the radio in a KDF.

Places to visit

Visit these places before they are all gone. Tiny and I took a trip to Portland and had some vintage drinks at a vintage place; the Alibi in Portland. Find it and go there!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I just feel like I am done.

Its very odd.

My brother put a label on his blog that it is the last post that he is going to write. He got the feeling that it was turning into a necessity and a chore to post something all the time;
He got tired.
It became a chore.
HE liked the blog, but it was just as though he just ran out of steam.

Well I have kind of crossed that point myself.

I am feeling beat.

I am going to complain here for a bit.

I have essentially 4 jobs, I work from the time I get up until sometimes well past when I should go to sleep, I never seem to leave my desk.

The last vacation I had was Bonneville speed week and my 1964 Pontiac is currently down with a sick starter, fuel pump and a tired old battery.

My long distance sniper rifle is out of commission.

My credit is in the toilet, and I have never missed a payment.

I cant even enjoy the snow because I am behind on my work.

I have too much ebay inventory to ever price and sell.

I am perpetually tired, and when I really sleep in, it seems to get worse.

so now that I have bitched my ass off, what do I want?

I need a week off with nothing to do. I need to sleep and when I wake up, I want to not hurry.

I want to have a stopping point where the work is TRULY done.

I want to build things that people want, and that I enjoy making and sell that.

I want to make cool stuff everyday. I want to go to MY shop.

This must be the Gen X equivalent of mid life crisis....for baby boomers, this would be their time to go on a

spending spreee and make a ton of cash to support their spending habit.

I instead want to, essentially, QUIT.

Friday, October 02, 2009

What a pussy.

LeGarrette Blount. What a chiken shit move; club-punching someone when they weren't looking. I guess its ok because he punched a "white boy" - Can you imagine what would happen if an IDAHO white guy punched a BLACK anything? That man's career and life would be over and painted a racist for life. I guess there are two sets of rules, based upon the fact this Discipline Problem IDIOT is still on the team.
Love the CHANGE we are seeing these about those Olympics, Chicago?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

one more

The good old days

I miss the evil man,

and I miss my credit cards that used to work, my home value, my ability to get a loan, my retirement, my safety from nukes, my freedom, my rights, my kids future, my right to buy and drive a "clunker...

Sunday, September 20, 2009