Thursday, February 11, 2010

When the bloodlust fades.

There was a time when if it moved, I shot it. I liked hunting and I still support hunting and the right to do so; I just don't hunt anymore.
I lost my blood lust.
Coincidentally this was about the time I really started trying to fix my own cars and computer problems.
When you look at how a car or computer goes together, you see the engineering and the inter working of systems. You see the hardware, the measurements, the tolerances, the redundant and the unique systems. You begin to understand the way to fix things that go wrong.
I think I started to realize that when I shot things that are alive, I could not put it back together if I changed my mind.
Basically when you start to think about how blood works and the organs and the processes that go into it, and I think just out of being purely overwhelmed by the engineering of it all, I lost my taste for "breaking" shit.
I don't want to be a medic, I don't want to learn medicine and I am not a fan of PETA. I just don't get off on taking things apart as much as I do building and creating cool shit.
In addition, I have seen how people repair shit when they don't know what they are doing and that has made inventions such as duct tape, irreplaceable. When you look at scene from Africa and they are shooting cobbled together, now smooth bore, 1928 Thompsons; you get an appreciation for quality in workmanship.
Making something that no one has ever seen, but they are fascinated by, is so much cooler than the best hunting I ever had.
Having said all of that, I could generate a list of people to shoot if the apocalypse happened tomorrow.
I wouldn't worry about putting them back together either.

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