Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1 discovery... that seems to imply that 2 or more discoveries exist, but this one was the magic bullet it seems. You not only lose weight but apparently you receive plastic surgery. Maybe thats the 1 discovery...

3 week. I don't know what the averesion to plurality and attraction to number replacement is, but "Three Weeks" would seem more appropriate here.


Well at least if it's not really an "Ancient" discovery then, legally they are in the clear. I don't know what the hell an "Anicent" is and I think I might be in the majority.

Spell checker...included FREE with most software you can compose with.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Accidental internet finds

I know that most people don't believe that revisionist history is real but...

NAZI F-ING PIRATES? REALLY? Probably only preyed on ships from Israel,and the whole ship was neat as a pin, discipline ruled, the whole vessel had tolerances that are impossible to duplicate with modern tools, the cannons are so overly engineered that they are full auto and the engine is diesel.

Not to mention the pirates would be self loathing artists...

Poor Kevin- I'm glad that silent Bob.... wasn't

Honestly - we get the joke Kevin is fat, but for crying out loud do you have to keep making fun of the dude?

"Enlarge" as in "If he eats that Big Mac, he will ENLARGE to the point he can't get on a shitty airline."

~Grow up news wire.... damn...