Monday, December 14, 2009

I just feel like I am done.

Its very odd.

My brother put a label on his blog that it is the last post that he is going to write. He got the feeling that it was turning into a necessity and a chore to post something all the time;
He got tired.
It became a chore.
HE liked the blog, but it was just as though he just ran out of steam.

Well I have kind of crossed that point myself.

I am feeling beat.

I am going to complain here for a bit.

I have essentially 4 jobs, I work from the time I get up until sometimes well past when I should go to sleep, I never seem to leave my desk.

The last vacation I had was Bonneville speed week and my 1964 Pontiac is currently down with a sick starter, fuel pump and a tired old battery.

My long distance sniper rifle is out of commission.

My credit is in the toilet, and I have never missed a payment.

I cant even enjoy the snow because I am behind on my work.

I have too much ebay inventory to ever price and sell.

I am perpetually tired, and when I really sleep in, it seems to get worse.

so now that I have bitched my ass off, what do I want?

I need a week off with nothing to do. I need to sleep and when I wake up, I want to not hurry.

I want to have a stopping point where the work is TRULY done.

I want to build things that people want, and that I enjoy making and sell that.

I want to make cool stuff everyday. I want to go to MY shop.

This must be the Gen X equivalent of mid life crisis....for baby boomers, this would be their time to go on a

spending spreee and make a ton of cash to support their spending habit.

I instead want to, essentially, QUIT.

Friday, October 02, 2009

What a pussy.

LeGarrette Blount. What a chiken shit move; club-punching someone when they weren't looking. I guess its ok because he punched a "white boy" - Can you imagine what would happen if an IDAHO white guy punched a BLACK anything? That man's career and life would be over and painted a racist for life. I guess there are two sets of rules, based upon the fact this Discipline Problem IDIOT is still on the team.
Love the CHANGE we are seeing these about those Olympics, Chicago?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

one more

The good old days

I miss the evil man,

and I miss my credit cards that used to work, my home value, my ability to get a loan, my retirement, my safety from nukes, my freedom, my rights, my kids future, my right to buy and drive a "clunker...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bonneville 2009 Checs on Nevada - Utah border

The 64 ran like a swiss watch the whole time, much to my relief. Weather was insanely nice and cool the whole time....I have never seen Bonneville Speed Week with weather like this. The ride home was 70s, clear and PERFECT driving weather, aside from the hangover. However, some of us found the hotel room BEFORE 6am, and then some of us got lost and then passed out on the floor as if in a chalk outline in a crime scene... just saying...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two guesses where my bros went today....

I had to stay home and work with a new client. Yeah being responsible sucks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My cool new couch and my very gay neighbor.

Yes meine bruders did me a solid and hacked the ASS off of a 54 Ford for my new couch project. Small city cycles was there and managed gay up the project a bit by rimmin and teabaggin the new piece of furniture...its going to require two hookers doing stuff on it that makes Marquis De Sade blush to properly cleanse it now.

You have to suffer for your art sometimes....

(Trixie and Candy are booked for Friday...)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet another "KILL THE EVIL GERMANS" film...someone in Hollywood: get a clue.

A message to those who use "Nazi" and "German" interchangeably: Be careful how aggressively you attach labels to entire groups of people, like us Germans. Unlike the the NAACP, B'Nai B'rinth and any other number of anti-defamation leagues, we don't have bleeding hearts in the government making careers and committees to rescue Germans. We have an "N" word too but no one thinks before they throw it out. When I state the I am German, no less than 50% of the time, people throw out a Nazi salute jokingly. What if you said "yessa massa" when you talk to Africans or "ching chong" for every Asian? In those two cases, I bet you cringed at the idea of making fun, but making fucking fun of Germans seems OK and acceptable to you. Really think about that...the only protection that you are leaving for people of German descent is to embrace the Nazi label. No one thinks about that, because Germans don't go around bitching about growing up poor or in ghettos or how they have no opportunities. That's because we as a race of people can overcome anything indivdually but a prejudiced society and a corrupt government. In those cases, we tend to organize and show the world what we can do in large groups. You say that you hate Nazis? Look at your actions, how you talk and STOP MAKING THEM.

Monday, May 18, 2009

When the food chain is am I

None of these animals seem very fun to me. It makes me want a full auto 10 gauge shotgun, loaded with slugs with a 20 round drum magazine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You voted for change, and you lost your dollars.

Does anyone else see the similarity between this picture and the Fed's problem solving to this point? Amateurish, inexperienced and shade tree way of fixing things, all the while probably bad-mouthing mechanics who actually have experience and know what they are doing... yeah they're the stupid ones.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Clowns to the LEFT of me....

Now this is a playset... Where the hell were toys like this when I was little? I may buy it on payday anyway... dig the wide whitewalls! HA!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag and Stinko de Mayo!

HAPPY B-DAY to TINY! Here is the cake I had in mind, but APPARENTLY, someone already made one like it in the 1940's...oh well.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What happened to creativity?

I was listening to terrestrial radio the other day (a rare occurance) and I heard a catchy song. This is even rarer of an occurance. Somehow I recognized the lyrics and I knew what was coming next! What the hell? Low and behold it was Seether playing their cover of Careless Whisper. So while it was a nice treatment of an old song, it wasn't really new. Perhaps this is the curse of Generation X; we observe that the world around us is phoney and re-issued. It feels like every new idea has been used, and all frontiers have been explored. What happened to exploring space and trying to reach Mars? Will anything ever be made that is so amazing that people will say, "OH, I remember the internet... that was going to be a big thing." Will Cancer get the boot once and for all?
I am just sick of all it; being global and "connected". Perhaps this is just nostalgia for the days before the internet, but I hate and love it at the same time. I am tired of Europe commenting on our US politics and presidents. I dont like Police being relegated to chasing tail lights to generate revenue for the MOST MINOR of infractions. I actually know of a 38 in a 35 zone ticket written in the last month - I wish I was kidding. I am SICK of terrorists and teenage radicals - to me many of them are interchangeable. What a fucking cliche' too; OOH I am a bad ass teen anti-Bush "anarchist"or a teenage vampire on the internet, or I am an Anti-Christian atheist! Get a clue, buy a vowel, whatever, just grow up... that is an OLD RAP.
If you are truly anti-religion, then pick on Ghandi and Satanism and Paganism, Buddhism, etc. The fact is that you pick on Christians because they are easy pickings and you are a pussy. Want to prove you are what you say you are? Go up to the biggest Satanist you can find and tell him he is FULL OF SHIT. BE CONSISTENT. If they worship Satan, then that implies there is a god; you cant have one without the other- so they are different sides of the same coin. You wont do that because you are such a fucking pussy that you pick on JUST Christians because they are a religion that says "turn the other cheek" and love thy neighbor. Please save the cliche rhetoric about the fucking crusades because that is old shit. Get some new material. You are a vampire? Why dont you just avoid the sun and try and drink fucking blood and thats it. Watch your kidneys fail amongst other ailments inside of year, you fake ass loser. I guarantee you make a trip to 7-11 for undead nachos or something when no one is looking.

OH and I haven't forgot about you, Osama Bin Teenager. Wow. You are going to make a bomb out of some household shit, or shoot up a church with Grandpa's guns, or bitch about George Bush. I wouldn't care except you are following a long list of kids like you doing what is popular. Fucking OBAMA is such a fake, and where is your brave talk now? OH now you lost your balls and brave talk. He is doing SUCH a good job, what has he done other than LAUGH at mortgage holders on TV? Politicians all suck but you only criticize one party because pop culture has your back, right? On your own, you are silent. I can only hope your pipebomb goes off prematurely.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back from VLV

My friend Dave shot this picture to prove that I was indeed at VLV, and this was I believe Friday morning. 3 days and nights of Vegas was starting to take its toll. While 5 days in Vegas sounds nice, it is quite another thing to survive that long. Euthanasia seemed like a good idea by this point in the trip.

That's love of a shirt

A cool shirt is a cool shirt. Deny it, and you just look jealous.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Taking the show on the road... VEGAS baby

Going to vegas for a week. Should be some cool pics soon...

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I always liked this (staged I know) photo of the Boozefighters. What cracks me up is that Robert Patrick (the T-1000) is the President of a chapter!

The NEW Paso - at Santa Maria

Tommy laying down coooool striping (as usual) - My Pontiac has some of Tommy's work on it as well.

On to Paso:

Don't Miss The West Coast Kustoms 28th Annual Cruisin' Nationals :: May 22, 23 & 24, 2009
Admission: Adults $12.00 :: $20.00 2 Day PassSenior's 60 & Over $6.00Children 10 & under FreeMilitary Free with Military ID
New Location :: Santa Maria, California
Santa Maria Fairpark
Friday Night :: "Kick-off Party"Saturday & Sunday :: "Show 'N Shine"Live Music • Roller Rink • Model Car Show • VendorsMeet Many of the Great "Legends of Kustomizing""Hall of Fame" & Special Guests on SaturdayPin Striping Panel Jam Party & AuctionCasino Busing AvailableMeet Candy Clark from American Graffiti in Person
We're Cruisin' the Coast!More Hotels, More Restaurants, More Cruisin'!
Event open to Pre-1961

Rainy day kustom driving

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Driving our kustoms... on such a winter's day.


I was taking the Pontiac out for a spin and I parked on the driveway to open the garage door, when I noticed that my clearance is approaching zero on this car.


Monday, March 30, 2009

I LOVE One-Shot.

Look at this cool as hell old door is from a late 40's Ford pickup. This door is Tiny's pride and joy, hanging in his shop now. Some less-than-skilled individual had covered this beautiful work with nasty re-sale red paint and only as a test spray. People with out skills.....shouldn't. Anything.