Monday, December 14, 2009

I just feel like I am done.

Its very odd.

My brother put a label on his blog that it is the last post that he is going to write. He got the feeling that it was turning into a necessity and a chore to post something all the time;
He got tired.
It became a chore.
HE liked the blog, but it was just as though he just ran out of steam.

Well I have kind of crossed that point myself.

I am feeling beat.

I am going to complain here for a bit.

I have essentially 4 jobs, I work from the time I get up until sometimes well past when I should go to sleep, I never seem to leave my desk.

The last vacation I had was Bonneville speed week and my 1964 Pontiac is currently down with a sick starter, fuel pump and a tired old battery.

My long distance sniper rifle is out of commission.

My credit is in the toilet, and I have never missed a payment.

I cant even enjoy the snow because I am behind on my work.

I have too much ebay inventory to ever price and sell.

I am perpetually tired, and when I really sleep in, it seems to get worse.

so now that I have bitched my ass off, what do I want?

I need a week off with nothing to do. I need to sleep and when I wake up, I want to not hurry.

I want to have a stopping point where the work is TRULY done.

I want to build things that people want, and that I enjoy making and sell that.

I want to make cool stuff everyday. I want to go to MY shop.

This must be the Gen X equivalent of mid life crisis....for baby boomers, this would be their time to go on a

spending spreee and make a ton of cash to support their spending habit.

I instead want to, essentially, QUIT.