Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet another "KILL THE EVIL GERMANS" film...someone in Hollywood: get a clue.

A message to those who use "Nazi" and "German" interchangeably: Be careful how aggressively you attach labels to entire groups of people, like us Germans. Unlike the the NAACP, B'Nai B'rinth and any other number of anti-defamation leagues, we don't have bleeding hearts in the government making careers and committees to rescue Germans. We have an "N" word too but no one thinks before they throw it out. When I state the I am German, no less than 50% of the time, people throw out a Nazi salute jokingly. What if you said "yessa massa" when you talk to Africans or "ching chong" for every Asian? In those two cases, I bet you cringed at the idea of making fun, but making fucking fun of Germans seems OK and acceptable to you. Really think about that...the only protection that you are leaving for people of German descent is to embrace the Nazi label. No one thinks about that, because Germans don't go around bitching about growing up poor or in ghettos or how they have no opportunities. That's because we as a race of people can overcome anything indivdually but a prejudiced society and a corrupt government. In those cases, we tend to organize and show the world what we can do in large groups. You say that you hate Nazis? Look at your actions, how you talk and STOP MAKING THEM.

Monday, May 18, 2009

When the food chain is am I

None of these animals seem very fun to me. It makes me want a full auto 10 gauge shotgun, loaded with slugs with a 20 round drum magazine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You voted for change, and you lost your dollars.

Does anyone else see the similarity between this picture and the Fed's problem solving to this point? Amateurish, inexperienced and shade tree way of fixing things, all the while probably bad-mouthing mechanics who actually have experience and know what they are doing... yeah they're the stupid ones.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Clowns to the LEFT of me....

Now this is a playset... Where the hell were toys like this when I was little? I may buy it on payday anyway... dig the wide whitewalls! HA!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag and Stinko de Mayo!

HAPPY B-DAY to TINY! Here is the cake I had in mind, but APPARENTLY, someone already made one like it in the 1940's...oh well.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What happened to creativity?

I was listening to terrestrial radio the other day (a rare occurance) and I heard a catchy song. This is even rarer of an occurance. Somehow I recognized the lyrics and I knew what was coming next! What the hell? Low and behold it was Seether playing their cover of Careless Whisper. So while it was a nice treatment of an old song, it wasn't really new. Perhaps this is the curse of Generation X; we observe that the world around us is phoney and re-issued. It feels like every new idea has been used, and all frontiers have been explored. What happened to exploring space and trying to reach Mars? Will anything ever be made that is so amazing that people will say, "OH, I remember the internet... that was going to be a big thing." Will Cancer get the boot once and for all?
I am just sick of all it; being global and "connected". Perhaps this is just nostalgia for the days before the internet, but I hate and love it at the same time. I am tired of Europe commenting on our US politics and presidents. I dont like Police being relegated to chasing tail lights to generate revenue for the MOST MINOR of infractions. I actually know of a 38 in a 35 zone ticket written in the last month - I wish I was kidding. I am SICK of terrorists and teenage radicals - to me many of them are interchangeable. What a fucking cliche' too; OOH I am a bad ass teen anti-Bush "anarchist"or a teenage vampire on the internet, or I am an Anti-Christian atheist! Get a clue, buy a vowel, whatever, just grow up... that is an OLD RAP.
If you are truly anti-religion, then pick on Ghandi and Satanism and Paganism, Buddhism, etc. The fact is that you pick on Christians because they are easy pickings and you are a pussy. Want to prove you are what you say you are? Go up to the biggest Satanist you can find and tell him he is FULL OF SHIT. BE CONSISTENT. If they worship Satan, then that implies there is a god; you cant have one without the other- so they are different sides of the same coin. You wont do that because you are such a fucking pussy that you pick on JUST Christians because they are a religion that says "turn the other cheek" and love thy neighbor. Please save the cliche rhetoric about the fucking crusades because that is old shit. Get some new material. You are a vampire? Why dont you just avoid the sun and try and drink fucking blood and thats it. Watch your kidneys fail amongst other ailments inside of year, you fake ass loser. I guarantee you make a trip to 7-11 for undead nachos or something when no one is looking.

OH and I haven't forgot about you, Osama Bin Teenager. Wow. You are going to make a bomb out of some household shit, or shoot up a church with Grandpa's guns, or bitch about George Bush. I wouldn't care except you are following a long list of kids like you doing what is popular. Fucking OBAMA is such a fake, and where is your brave talk now? OH now you lost your balls and brave talk. He is doing SUCH a good job, what has he done other than LAUGH at mortgage holders on TV? Politicians all suck but you only criticize one party because pop culture has your back, right? On your own, you are silent. I can only hope your pipebomb goes off prematurely.