Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craigslist Thinktank collective

Well lets try to get through this installment of the wisdom imparted upon us by the Craigslist.org "intellectuals"...

custom bulit moped - $250 (sw boise)

i can build you a moped starting at 250 depending on what you want to have

AH! "Bulit" - I love the chase scene! Especially the part where the custom built moped didn't make it past the cutting room floor!

Nice FATSO cook stove - $350 (Nampa)

This stove is in excelent condition take $ 350.00 O.B.O
Call Chuck

Fatso? Fuck you Chuck. Way to ass out the very customer base you need to buy this piece of shit. Hey Chuck what if I offered you a "Chuck is a cock" check? Hope you are a bean pole, you insensitive name calling motherfucker...

Boost mobile phone i465 - $60 - $60 (boise/meridian)

i got a used boost mobile i465 for sale it has the normal wear and tear if u are interested please call me or text me at anytime

Are "U" gonna peep dat text on dis "wear and tear" phone? So "U" got it used, does that mean that I get it on its last leg? Boost mobile huh? Where's the deal at, dawg?


I am selling my honeywell Home safe. Its a safe that locks or has number pad. I have two keys for it. It runs about 100.00 New.
It still has its sticker on it. I have had it for about 9 months. So still pretty much new! Asking 60.00 CASH OBO

Call Ask for Jeff. Or i can email or text a picture of it. i tried to put a picture of it on here but it wont load so..

thanks! :)

Hi Ask? So nine months and the safe still has a sticker on it, and according to you it "runs" for about $100 new?

Tell you what; give me $100 and I will run too....AWAY from your "9 month can't remove a sticker, can't post a picture lazy ass", Jeff...or is it "Ask"

No sale Nigerian safe scamming identity crisis bastard.

Its late- and I quit.

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