Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1 discovery... that seems to imply that 2 or more discoveries exist, but this one was the magic bullet it seems. You not only lose weight but apparently you receive plastic surgery. Maybe thats the 1 discovery...

3 week. I don't know what the averesion to plurality and attraction to number replacement is, but "Three Weeks" would seem more appropriate here.


Well at least if it's not really an "Ancient" discovery then, legally they are in the clear. I don't know what the hell an "Anicent" is and I think I might be in the majority.

Spell checker...included FREE with most software you can compose with.

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tiny01 said...

I actually liked her better BEFORE the photoshopping, er uh - I mean, "WEIGHT LOSS"
Real women have CURVES!!! (and they give up the ring piece) Mmmmmmm, three input broads rule!